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The story of Blitz raw patisserie began back in 2015 when I personally decided to launch my own confectionary shop in order to accompany the juice bar myself and my husband already owned and managed. Due to being co-founder of a juicing company, I quickly realised that my customers were also looking for goodies that are not only delicious but also healthy. This is why our focus here in Blitz Patisserie is to create a variety of sweet treats using only the finest and healthiest ingredients available. Everyone can enjoy our raw vegan cakes, including those who are diabetic and allergy-prone, as they are 100% Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Wheat-free and Free of Refined Sugar. We have used our extensive experience to develop a large collection of healthy dessert recipes that never compromise on flavour.

 In order to bring our customers only the healthiest and the best tasting raw desserts, I decided to enrol in a course titled Nutrition for Beauty and Youth just a year after opening Blitz Patisserie. During my enrolment, I learned bounds of helpful information regarding nutrition and how it affects not only your internal health but your outwards appearance as well. In fact, did you know that a raw diet is recommended in order to reveal the very best of your hair, skin and nails? It's true! Since the completion of my course, I now feel that I am able to share my knowledge and experience with all of my customers by creating an assortment of nutritious, yet flavourful treats.

 As a team here in  Blitz Patisserie we are  driven by customer feedback, which is why it would be an honour to connect with you on social media. Please take a minute to like us on Facebook @blitz_patisserie and follow us on Instagram under the same name @blitz_patisserie and Pinterest @BlitzPatisserie .

 We look forward to getting to know you and introducing you to the wonderful world of Blitz Patisserie.

 Let us take care of you.