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Chocolate and orange

Chocolate Orange


Instantly conjure up memories of those steamy hot summer nights spent exploring and frolicking around the isles,upon the very first bite of our Chocolate Orange Cheesecake! With a mouth-watering chocolate almond base, a layer of zesty orange cheesecake, raspberry jelly ribbon, soft  creamy chocolate layer and a thin layer of rich homemade chocolate sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries , this luxurious triple layered cheesecake provides a truly unforgettable dessert experience.


Ingredients: Almonds (NUTS),Cashews (NUTS), Dates, Desiccated coconut,  Himalayan pink sea salt, Cocoa powder, Maple syrup, Raw organic coconut oil, Natural vanilla flavouring, Orange extract, Freshly squeezed orange juice and zest, Goji berries, Freeze dried raspberries.

Contains Nuts, may contain Peanuts, Sesame and all other Nuts, this cake is not suitable for Nut allergy sufferers. We don't recommend this product to Peanut allergy sufferers. Made in premises that handles Gluten.

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