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Raw vegan Snickerz

Snickerz bar


Planning a selfish night in? If so, we suggest you indulge in a piece of our bestselling Snickerz Bar cake! With a crust made out of chocolate and cashew bits, a layer of almond vanilla and a layer of crunchy peanut butter, this sweet treat will send you and your taste buds soaring. A mix of chocolate and peanuts is drizzled on top for the perfect crunchy finish.


Ingredients: Cashews (NUTS),Dates, Himalayan pink sea salt,  Cocoa powder, Almonds/almond meal, (NUTS), Maple syrup, Crunchy PEANUT butter, Lemon juice, Natural vanilla flavouring, Raw Organic coconut oil, PEANUTS.

Contains Nuts and Peanuts, may contain Sesame and traces of Other nuts. Made in premises that handles Gluten.

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